Red Source looks to keep up with current trends adding some drama to your walls by experimenting with period details, intricate ironwork or industrial concrete with new breeds of wallpapers that have it covered.

Here are some of the companies that we work with and are leading the way:-

Deborah Bowness – www.deborahbowness.com

Young & Battaglia – www.youngbattaglia.com

Koziel – www.koziel.fr

NLXL – www.nlxl.com

Mr Perswall – www.mrperswall.co.uk

Cole & Son – www.cole-and-son.com

Ferm Living – www.ferm-living.com

Tom Haga – www.tomhaga.com

Surface View – www.surfaceview.co.uk

Barneby Gates – www.barnebygates.com

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